COVID-19 contingency plan


Our goal is for APOLO-2022 to be an in-person conference, with all presenters attending in person. COVID-19 may interfere, so our contingency plan and the criteria and schedule for which that plan will be enacted are described here.


Should COVID-19 conditions prohibit an in-person conference, the APOLO-2022 contingency plan will be:

  • The in-person conference at the DoubleTree by Hilton Washington will be cancelled. Attendees are responsible for canceling hotel and travel reservations.

  • Planned oral presentations will be made exclusively online.

  • Planned poster presentations will be posted on this website.

  • Associated social events will be cancelled at the discretion of their organizers.


The first assessment of COVID-19 conditions will occur by May 10, 2022. A final decision on enacting the COVID-19 contingency plan will be made by June 24, 2022.


Criteria for enacting the COVID-19 contingency plan:

  • If the meeting venue locality prohibits or strongly recommends against hosting a meeting of the size of APOLO-2022,

  • If the fraction greater than 50% of registered participants are prohibited from attending due to travel restrictions enacted by US or non-US authorities, or because the participant’s employer prohibits participation.

  • If NASA’s policy recommendations prohibit hosting the meeting.


Additionally, if an individual presenter is unable to attend due to COVID-19 or inability to secure a travel visa, then virtual presentation will be considered.