(The option is implemented in HDFLook 1.5)
If you are interested.... (Just email us to get the input data files)


We got the Town,village locations from a useful site
(Original data is from U.S. Government and is publicly available)

In HDFLook the extracted data base (3 million of references) is connected to the MODIS image reprojection routines to make a very simple GIS (helping the image structures analyze) and showing what we call Human activity.
(Set the Human activity toggle in the option menu: Set misc options..)

Output examples

Images are computed from several MODIS LEVEL1B granules
21/Sept/2000 11h45 MOD02QKM.A2000265.1145.002.2000267053723.hdf
16/Jan/2001 5h25 MOD021KM.A2001016.0525.002.2001027165418.hdf
20/Mai/1001 7h25 MOD021KM.A2001140.0725.002.2001144042556.hdf
11/Mai/2001 9h15 MOD021KM.A2001131.0915.002.2001135062933.hdf

Desert Mali (Along the river)

Composite surface reflectance Adding rivers and Villages

Central Africa (Along the road)

Composite surface reflectance with rivers Adding towns and villages

Desert Arabe Mirate

Composite surface reflectance Adding towns and villages

Over Srilanka

Composite surface reflectance with towns and villages

Over Congo

Composite surface reflectance with towns and villages
Thermal anomalies results